Breakfast (until 11.30am)

Sourdough toast with butter – add either peanut butter/marmite/jam/nutella£1.20 / £1.50
Pastry selection – Croissant/ pain au choc/pain au raisin/ almond croissant£1.20 / £1.70
Simon’s free range scrambled eggs with crème fraiche & chives served on sourdough – add smoked salmon or bacon for £2.00£4.95 / £6.95
Craig Best’s sausages served in a baguette£4.20
Thick cut smoked bacon served in a baguette£4.20
Greek Yogurt with local honey & seasonal fruit£3.95
Porridge with local honey£2.45
Food Menu

Lunch (from 11.30am)

Filled baguettes – see daily menu board£4.20
Soup of the day, served with bread – see daily menu board£4.20
Toasted focaccia with parma ham, buffalo mozzarella & sundried tomato£4.20
Ploughman’s lunch, with Keens Cheddar, pickled onion, pickle, cornichons & bread£6.75
Quiche served with homemade coleslaw & rocket salad£6.50
Homemade salad of the day – see daily menu board£6.50
Bowl of olives with artichokes, mushrooms & peppers£3.65
Meat & Cheese board for one/two
A selection from the deli counter. Constantly changing to make sure of ripeness Ask your server for today’s contents..
Served with chutney, caperberries, cornichons & toast for cheese
£7.50 / £15.00
Food Menu